Lloyd Update: 2018-5-5

Dear partners,
We count it a privilege to be sent by servants like you that freely sacrifice for the praise of His name.  Much of these updates have been shared on our private Facebook page.  If you are not following us there and would like more frequent updates, please follow us there.


  • We were able to renew our permission to stay in the country for another year (we renew annually) with 3 days to spare before we would be forced to leave the country.  God’s perfect timing 🙂
  • Zac’s 3-on-3 tournament was very well attended and has brought many new people to the community center for Zac to interact with during the week.
  • The open house at the community center was well attended and provided good opportunities to interact with our community in a more relaxed and festive setting.
  • Our trip to Jakarta for the kids’ orthodontist visit went well.  The middle two boys now have retainer type devices that we adjust weekly and our daughter Grace must wait until a couple more adult teeth come in before getting braces.
  • We’ve spent a few days this week without internet (city-wide blackout) and are praising God for his provision to interact with family and friends a world away via technology.


  • In addition to her twice-weekly ESL class at the community center, Leigh is also teaching ESL twice weekly to the nursing instructors at the nursing school.  (She homeschools 4 children also 🙂 ).  Please pray for her to prioritize appropriately and serve well.
  • Zac has been invited to come to the university and teach English to 12 professors there.  He also may have an opportunity to give a talk on toxicology (his background) at the university.  Please pray for these opportunities to develop as God desires and that Zac would walk in obedience.
  • This past month Leigh has had some weird rashes that come on quickly and spread across her entire body.  She can get a bit panicky in these situations and does not count them among her favorite things in Indonesia.  Please pray for her health and these weird sicknesses to not last long or be too serious.
Grace at the immigration office getting her fingerprints and photos taken for another year of ‘legal’ service.
IMG_20180422_142902 (1)
Grace helping her brother Bryce show off his new retainer 🙂
We were able to host a ‘family worship’ service with our church in our home this past month. 
And we finished the family worship night as you would expect… playing on the American Ninja Warrior ropes course in front of our house 🙂
Here are the winning and runner-up team at the 3-on-3 tournament.  We were so thankful for their great sportsmanship.  It was a joy to see them play and have fun.
Our kids did a great job helping out and running games during the open-house event.

Seeking the Fountain of Living Waters,
Zac and Leigh
Grace, Bryce, Reece, and Jayce

Our mailing address is:
Zac Lloyd
PO Box 115
Papua Barat 98301