Lloyd Update 2018-3-31

Dear partners,
Praising God with you, our partners, for His provision for us and freedom from bondage to sin.


  • Thank you for praying for our classes, they have been really well attended recently.  Please pray for God to open up doors in the lives of those that we are interacting with.
  • Despite so many of our local friends becoming sick with Malaria, God continues to protect our health, and we attribute that to prayer.


  • On April 15th, we will be having an open-house at the community center to celebrate those students that have completed the 3 month ESL course.  The board has also decided to invite more people from the community up for a time of food and interaction.  Please pray that this will go well and be effective.
  • Zac is planning a 3-on-3 tournament on April 21st.  Please pray that this is well-attended and a fun activity for the locals.
  • We will be traveling to Jakarta on April 16th to have our 3 oldest start orthodontal treatments.  Please pray that this trip goes uneventfully.
Leigh and Grace have a very large ESL class (27+) and our TEAMmate (Diane Kennedy) also has a large ESL class this month.  We are excited to see so many people at the community center.
Zac continues to spend several days each week at the community center teaching basketball to boys (ages 7-14, usually).  There have been 20 or more kids showing up recently.  This provides a natural context to share stories and teach truth.
The basketball rims are breaking regularly (about once every 2 weeks).  And no, it’s not because Zac is dunking too often, as I know many of you were thinking.  This is just an example of the many ‘little’ things that seem to occur routinely that cause us to not trust in ourselves or things in this world.
We continue to deepen friendships and relationships with locals.  Leigh and Grace attended a birthday party recently.
Under the ‘what we do for entertainment’ banner, Zac and the boys have been able to enjoy March Madness this year 🙂

Seeking the Fountain of Living Waters,
Zac and Leigh
Grace, Bryce, Reece, and Jayce

Our mailing address is:
Zac Lloyd
PO Box 115
Papua Barat 98301

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