Lloyd Family Update – 2017-11-25

Dear faithful supporters,
This time of year is a particular reminder of how blessed we are to have been given so many loving friends and family as we really feel your absence.  We miss you and are thankful for all of you.

This update is a departure from our preferred succinct bulleted ‘praise/request’ format as it doesn’t seem to fit our current state of being.

We are very grateful for what God is doing through us.  We have very few skills ‘on paper’ to offer here in Indonesia, yet God continues to draw students to our ESL classes to the extent that the local University will give college credit if they attend our class, and a local nursing school has invited us to provide ESL classes.  We routinely make new acquaintances and people genuinely seem to be happy to see us.

We continue to learn more and more about the culture, but each day we seem to somehow find that we actually know less than we thought we did.   Then when we consider how infrequently we have an opportunity to actually share the Gospel with words, we are discouraged.

You may recall 2 months ago, someone entered our house while we were home and stole our laptop.  This past week, another person entered our daughter’s bedroom, went through her drawers and stole her phone and kindle, when all 6 of us were home.  Our 9-year old Reece finally saw him after it appears he was creeping in and around our house for the better part of an hour (and our house is not THAT big).   Even with GPS and cell signals to pinpoint their location, local authorities were not equipped to recover the devices.  Events like these challenge our desire to love people more than things, to love our enemies, to love like Christ loved us.  We recognize that we are actually far worse sinners than these petty thieves and that God is only asking us to do the same thing He asks all of us to do (simply obey and trust Him -Him being the one that speaks things into existence and moves mountains with His words).  But in spite of these rock-solid promises, this weekend, we feel discouraged and would rather be celebrating Thanksgiving with our doors unlocked on a couch in America with you all.

Please do not take the content of this message to be a red-flag that we are about to buy tickets home or anything. We truly trust God. We just didn’t feel like a bulleted list of praises and requests was an accurate reflection of what’s up with the Lloyd’s.  Thank you for your support and prayers!


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Leigh runs a kids activity time while some of their parents attend Zac’s class.
Leigh runs a kids activity time while some of their parents attend Zac’s class.


Seeking the Fountain of Living Waters,
Zac and Leigh
Grace, Bryce, Reece, and Jayce

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