Lloyd Family Update – 2017-10-28

Each month we receive a report from TEAM of the financial gifts that have been contributed to our account and, each month we are amazed at God and how He provides so consistently and generously through you.  Thank you!!


  • Teaching English to various ages and the free arts and crafts program for children at the community center have been going well and have been a great way to meet needs, meet people, and begin to form relationships.
  • We were invited to start a three-week English club at a local nursing school. The first week of that club is complete. We are glad to be making new relationships and hopefully being a blessing to the community.
  • Our own children are doing well physically and emotionally, and they are making good progress in school (Leigh is their teacher).


  • Just a quick reminder of our goal here:  We have been invited to serve at a community center as a platform to form relationships, through which we can share the gospel, and ultimately plant a church from the peoples of the majority religion here in Manokwari.  So, any prayers toward this end are greatly appreciated.
  • For our energy and general zeal in life and ministry.  It seems to occur more frequently here than it did in the US that the day-in-day-out heat and grind of everyday life causes us to collapse into our beds two seconds after the kids are in bed and want to stay there for a week.
Zac has been getting more and more comfortable teaching at the community center, and he is thankful for opportunities that this role has provided.


Through a student in Zac’s English class (who happened to be the head teacher at the local school for nurses), we were both invited to come and teach English at the nursing school twice per week.  We are very grateful to God for this opportunity to interact with 30-40 students each week.


While we frequently hear that very few children are able to or like to read here in Papua, Leigh has found that reading books to children and offering them books to read on their own is in-fact liked by kids regardless of their address.


We recently found a soccer club for the boys.  While our boys are relatively way behind in skill level, the locals have been super welcoming and friendly.


Leigh was blessed recently to have the opportunity to attend a 3-day conference for missionary women about a 1 hr flight away.  God continues to provide for our every need.


We were able to go out for some ‘pizza’ recently and celebrate our 17th year of marriage.  We have our struggles and continue to have to work on our marriage, but it is certainly a gift from God.




Seeking the Fountain of Living Waters,
Zac and Leigh
Grace, Bryce, Reece, and Jayce

Our mailing address is:
Zac Lloyd
PO Box 115
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