Lloyd Family Update – 2017-9-2

Dear faithful supporters,
As we observe that it is now September and recognize the holiday weekend occurring in the US, we are struck by how quickly times go by and how little time we really have.  We left the US about 16 months ago and it seems like we are only just getting our feet wet.  Your faithful support and partnership causes us to not grow weary as we try to redeem the time for His glory.


  • Zac was encouraged to have a couple real gospel conversations with locals recently.  He is both encouraged that they occurred and that language seemed to be less of a barrier.
  • Zac began teaching a new round of English courses this past week. We are encouraged to see new people signing up and a good mix of religions represented.
  • God continues to care for each of us. Grace is enjoying continuing to participate in and enjoy youth group. The boys are getting more excited about church each week (which is a praise because listening in another language for two hours can be exhausting).


  • Following the praise about Zac’s gospel conversations above, please pray that God would continue to provide these opportunities. Both of the conversations occurred without any arrangement on Zac’s part, so please pray to the “Arranger”.
  • Leigh is going to start some small children’s activities at the community center this week with our leader Diane.  Pray for these to be energizing, encouraging for her and the children, and effective.
In one of many of our continuous cultural experiences, Leigh attended a birthday party recently where the birthday ‘girl’ feeds the first piece of cake to her dearest friend.
Zac had the opportunity to travel 3 hours into the interior with Walter and Ryan Kennedy (teammates) to see what God has done. This is a photo of the students at the bible school greeting Walter as he arrives. Zac described it as akin to arriving in the Shire with Gandolf. God has really blessed the people of Minyambau.
The boys have really been enjoying church lately, which is a complete turnaround since we arrived. Going to church with kids can be hard sometimes, so we acknowledge their heart change as a true gift from God.

Seeking the Fountain of Living Waters,
Zac and Leigh
Grace, Bryce, Reece, and Jayce

Our mailing address is:
Zac Lloyd
PO Box 115
Papua Barat 98301

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