Lloyd Family Update – 2017-8-5

Dear faithful supporters,
Thank you for supporting us and reading our updates!  Your feedback is always encouraging 🙂


  • We continue to meet Indonesians and are increasingly able to interact with them.  We are regularly attending an Indonesian church of about 20-30 adults that has been a good conduit to finding our place in this culture, and we praise God for this.
  • Zac’s teaching of English as a Second Language has been going well and has been a good way to meet and interact with individuals from the majority religion.


  • We are getting over our ‘honey-moon’ period here in Manokwari and the little day-to-day stressors (power outages, lack of water, shopping at the open market) are losing their novelty and becoming more annoying.  Please pray that we would find our refuge only in God.
  • For existing relationships to grow and for new ones to form.
  • IMG_20170803_164048
    Zac teaching his College-aged ESL class
    Grace with some of her new friends. Grace has been working hard at reaching out to make friends.
    Zac in the orange getting smoked in badminton
    Our ‘Ninja Warrior’ course in our ‘garage’ attracted the local kids, which Reece was happy about.
    The boys ‘sunday school’ class has been good for their language practice.

    Leigh with her new friend that she met via the ESL class. They meet regularly to help each other practice language. Plus, she sells beef, which is a HUGE blessing as beef is pretty rare here.

Seeking the Fountain of Living Waters,
Zac and Leigh
Grace, Bryce, Reece, and Jayce

Our mailing address is:
Zac Lloyd
PO Box 115
Papua Barat 98301

We intend for this regular communication to be a quick snapshot of life in Indonesia so that you can be in prayer and we can stay connected with the body of Christ that is sending us.

If you are interested in being a part of the financial support team, click here! Or you can go to team.org/givenow and type in our last name.

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