Update (2017-1-7)

Dear Support Team,
Happy New Year from Indonesia!


  • We were able to get away on a family vacation to another island here in Indonesia over the holidays while we had a break from language school.  We praise God as it was very restful and provided good family time.
  • We praise God for the many gifts from our famiy, friends, and supporting churches that were sent to us.  Extremely humbling to know that we are being thought about and prayed for.
  • We started our 7th of 9 units of language school this past week.  Please keep praying for our perseverance and diligence in studying and conversing with our neighbors.
  • We are beginning to make plans to move to Papua in April right after we finish language school, but many things need to happen for that time-frame to work out.  Please pray for us to not be anxious about details like when will our next Visas arrive.
We have been blessed and encouraged to hangout with a friend from our organization that has come to visit us this week.


Seeking the Fountain of Living Waters,

Zac and Leigh
Grace, Bryce, Reece, and Jayce

Mailing Address:
Jalan Bina Taruna No. 2
Salatiga 50721
Jawa Tengah

We intend for this communication to be a quick snapshot of life in Indonesia so that you can be in prayer and we can stay connected with the body of Christ that is sending us.

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