Update (2016-9-17)

Dear Support Team,

Thank you for your sacrificial giving, prayer, and encouragement!  We continue to praise God daily for His provisions through you.  Our financial support remains strong, and we are grateful.


  • We started our 4th of nine units of language school this past week and all continues to go well as we are able to “little by little” interact with our neighbors.
  • God blessed us with a relaxing 2-night stay at a town (Jogjakarta) 2.5 hours south of us during our break.  We felt very loved and blessed by God to enjoy a bit of the country side (brief example in this video taken near our accommodations) after spending nearly all of our time in a very urban setting.
  • Our TEAMmate (Jake Tibbe) has been suffering significant back pain this past week and missed the first 3 days of language school as a result. Each day seems to be a little bit better than the day before, but please pray for his continued healing.
  • We continue to be patient and try to be diligent in researching and evaluating vehicle options for us. Please pray that God would provide a suitable and quality vehicle for our family according to His timing.
  • This past Monday was a national holiday to celebrate Idul Adha.  We were invited to observe the sacrificing of cows (pictured below) and goats at the mosque near our home. This was a sobering experience and grieved our hearts even more for the many lost peoples here in Indonesia.
This photo was taken in front of a Mosque moments after a cow was sacrificed

Seeking the Fountain of Living Waters,

Zac and Leigh
Grace, Bryce, Reece, and Jayce

Mailing Address:
Jalan Bina Taruna No. 2
Salatiga 50721
Jawa Tengah

We intend for this weekly communication to be a quick snapshot of life in Indonesia so that you can be in prayer and we can stay connected with the body of Christ that is sending us

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