Update (2016-8-20)

Thank you for your continued prayers so that God would be glorified in Indonesia.


  • We have decided to stop sending Jayce and Reece to a private Indonesian school.  A variety of factors led to this decision that we think is best for our family now. Thank you for praying for this. We are still looking to God to show us opportunities for our children to learn the language.
  • Praise that this past week we have had several opportunities to interact and learn the culture as we celebrated Indonesia’s Independence Day (August 17th).  The celebrations are organized by each neighborhood and include a Sunday morning walk at 6:00 AM, several competitions for kids and adults, and a dinner on the eve of Independence day.  Our language school also hosted a similar party this past week that included lots of competitions, including catching eels and putting them in bottles (the highlight of our kids’ Indonesian experience so far)
  • Praise that we received Leigh’s new passport this past week.


  • Two times each month our language school has a chapel service.  This Monday, Zac will be giving the devotional in Indonesian.  Please pray for him to communicate clearly.
  • Our language studies continue to go well, but please pray that we would continue to form deeper relationships with Indonesians as well. Also, please pray for continued diligence to do our best in studying.
  • Please continue to pray for adjustment for our entire family. We are all feeling a little homesick these past few weeks.


IMG_20160816_203559 (1)
Here is a photo of Bryce being honored at the neighborhood dinner for winning of the competitions.
Seeking the Fountain of Living Waters,

Zac and Leigh
Grace, Bryce, Reece, and Jayce

Mailing Address:
Jalan Bina Taruna No. 2
Salatiga 50721
Jawa Tengah

We intend for this  communication to be a quick snapshot of where we are in the process of going to Indonesia so that you can be in prayer and we can stay connected with the body of Christ that are sending us


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