Update (2016-6-25)

Dear Praying Partners,

Thank you for your support and prayers!   We are sustained by them. We are so grateful for the sacrificial giving of money, prayer, and encouragement that allows our family to be here on the ground.


  • All 4 of us (Zac, Leigh, Grace, and Bryce) passed Unit 1 of language school!  8 more to go 🙂
  • We were able to fly to Singapore this week during the break between language school units and have our student visas placed into our passports.  We are now welcome to stay in Indonesia until June of 2017 (enough time to finish language school)!
  • We remain healthy, and we do not want to take this for granted.  Thank you for your prayers!


  • Ramadan culminates with Idul Fitri in early July and we have been invited to several families’ homes to ‘celebrate’.  Please pray that we would be learners and able to love like Jesus would.
  • Pray that we would  continue to be diligent in our language acquisistion efforts.  Our natural tendency is to retreat in doors and avoid sounding foolish in street conversations, however, the street conversations are most beneficial to our current goal
  • Safety in travel locally as we have purchased a used scooter and are now able to get around apart from walking or the local bus system.  Here is a video of Leigh on her first scooter ride 🙂


Enjoying a taste of home in Singapore (McDonalds) 🙂

Seeking the Fountain of Living Waters,

Zac and Leigh
Grace, Bryce, Reece, and Jayce

Mailing Address:
Jalan Bina Taruna No. 2
Salatiga 50721
Jawa Tengah


We intend for this communication to be a quick snapshot of where we are in the process of going to Indonesia so that you can be in prayer and we can stay connected with the body of Christ that are sending us

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