March 2016 Update

God has been very gracious and blessed us in the following ways this past month:

Zac was able to leave his job at MPI Research on February 5th very quietly and without drama.

We participated in four weeks of training at MTI (Missions Training International) in Colorado.
  • We drove 17 hours each way with great weather, good kid attitudes, and no mechanical issues with our van!
  • Excellent training teaching us valuable skills to acquire language (2 weeks) and how to adapt and thrive in a new culture (2 weeks).  Our children also attended the training.
  • Our TEAMmates (Jake and Sara Tibbe and their two children) also attended, and we formed some deeper bonds with them.
  • The training was attended by a total of 20 adults and 12 children and we were significantly blessed by the Jesus-based bonds we formed with these individuals about to go spread the gospel to the four corners of the world.

Please pray that:

  • We would be good stewards in applying the material we just learned and use our last 7 weeks before departure well.
  • Our visas to be available in time for us to fly out on April 25th.
  • God would provide a place for us to rent our first year in Indonesia (beginning this May).
While we are thankful to be back in Michigan and focused on our destination of Indonesia, we will certainly miss God’s beautiful creation in Colorado :).


Seeking the Fountain of Living Waters Daily,

Zac and Leigh
Grace, Bryce, Reece, and Jayce

Our current timeline:

January 21st – Applied for Visa’s
February 5th – Zac’s last day of employment @ MPI Research
February 7th – Left for one month of training in Colorado
March 10 – about April 25 time in Michigan saying goodbye
APRIL 17 – Commissioning Service at Recast Church at 10:30am
APRIL 17 – Open House Farewell Party, 4-6 pm in Mattawan
April 25 – leave for Indonesia for a May 19 language school start date

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