Body of Christ

From the moment that we decided that we would pursue cross-cultural, international, missions work God has provided more love and direction through the local body of Christ than we could have ever asked or thought.

The specifics of the loving kindness are chronicled in our personal journals and in our prayers to God.  Furthermore, we are currently overwhelmed by our local church’s kindness and love to us.  Specifically, we formed a ‘Barnabas’ Group early last fall to encourage and pray for us as we pursued our calling.  Yesterday, God provided a beautiful mid-spring day for 9 families from this Barnabas group (which included at least 18 adults and 20 kids) to have lunch at our house, hear an update from us, and encourage us.

We are literally overwhelmed to tears at God’s goodness to us in this process.  To provide so many gifted, loving, and generous families to support us is undeserved to say the least.

We desire to be content whether facing ‘plenty or hunger, abundance or need’, but God has made it easy to be content in this season of plenty.

To God be the glory!


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