We requested prayers for 3 specific items:


  1. That our children will feel safe and cared for while we are gone for 10 days. And that the multiple families caring for them will have the energy and love to do so!
  2. That we will have energy and health and quick adjustment to a different time zone in order to investigate our future ministry site.
  3. That we will have a clear sense of God’s direction for us in Indonesia.

And God answered!

We are so thankful for the families and friends that loved our kids and cared for them while we traveled.  Being away from our kids was the hardest part of the trip but knowing they are God’s and that God had provided through the sacrifice of the Buss, Webbers, Wheelers, Filceks, Grandma and Grandpa Lloyd and Fiala

The travel to Indonesia was daunting.  59 hrs of travel over 6 flights.  It took us a day or two to adjust.  Praise God that everything (mechanical, weather, immigration, baggage) went smooth.  Round trip we counted 13 flights in total. Leigh had some light-headed spells the first couple days after arriving in Indonesia.  But other than that, praise God that our health was stellar. 

video games with Busses
Books, crafts, video game fun with Filceks


Easter decorations with Wheelers


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