While in the Jakarta airport, on the way to Manokwari, Walter sent Zac a message arranging for him to meet up with a man named Andi who

would hand him some ‘medicine’ that he was to transport on the plane.  This required that Zac call and find an Indonesian man who spoke very little English in an Indonesian airport. The backdrop for this exchange was the knowledge of the very public and controversial recent executions of foreigners for trafficking drugs in Indonesia.  Also, while in this airport we exchanged $400 at the airport for Rupiah-  5,110,000 Rupiah.  Zac successfully completed the ‘drop’ of ‘meds’ and with a fresh bankroll of 5.1 M of cash in his pocket, we began to wonder if perhaps he wasn’t being called to be a drug mule. 


While in the market, which is the structural equivalent to our kids’ wildest fantasy of a blanket fort, and offers the personal space of our carry-on luggage for international flights, Leigh and Sara quickly took on celebrity status.  They are a foot taller and 50 shades of white lighter than everyone.  Their uniqueness caused constant staring, which turned into everyone crowding around them clammering for a photo with them.  While the paparazzi were in a frenzy, a cute Indonesian toddler strolled into the photo shoot.  Cute enough, only he was carrying a box cutter with the blade exposed.  To calm our horror of what may be about to go really bad, the mother, or a responsible citizen nearby, quickly took the box cutter from him, drew the blade back into the handle, and handed it back to him. 



toddler in the background


apparently Japanese airlines have a coke zero alternative
heaven ON your mouth
concise instructions in the event of tsunami
interesting tagline for this jug
roasted chicken and mayonnaise chips in Salatiga
taylor swift ice cream in Salatiga
commonly disobeyed street sign in Salatiga
Jakarta airport coffee area
Their milk has some unique selling points

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